We are an Australian owned company based in Queensland specialising in Building Automation Systems (BAS). Our reputation is for providing the best service levels in the industry. We also work with you to provide the most cost effective solutions from faults to new installations.
Our staff have many years of experience in the building maintenance and building automation controls industry.
We can offer a complete personalised building repairs and maintenance solution, which will help you to achieve a consistently high standard of work for yourself and your valued customers.
So if you require BMS, electrical or mechanical repairs/maintenance.

You can depend on us for experience, hard work and commitment.



  • Building Automation Install, Repairs and maintenance. Click Here for Our BMS Services.
  • Building Efficiency tuning and audits. Equipment and sensor Calibrations.
  • HVAC Install, Maintenance and Repairs.
  • Chiller Plant and Chilled Water Systems Controls and Maintenance.
  • Mechanical Repairs and Maintenance.
  • Electrical Repairs and Maintenance (Both L&P and Mechanical).Emergency lighting repairs and servicing.
Using our extensive knowledge and experience in the BMS industry we have come to the conclusion that the Tridium controllers are the best on the market, for this reason we have proudly become your Queensland Tridium Agents.

 Applications In Building Automation

Making it all work together... Diverse systems... Diverse protocols... One mission... To make your facility easier to manage and control.
If you have ever asked yourself -
How is BACnet important? Other companies want me to use there proprietary protocols. It is becoming industry standard with more and more new systems use BACnet as their system-level protocol. And not being locked in to a proprietary protocol.
My legacy systems are important too. They represent a big investment. I can't throw them all away. They still work, but they are too hard to get information out of and they don't work with the web. I can't easily expand them with newer, standards-based products.
My building contains other products that use yet even more protocols.
How can I bring all of these systems together into a unified system and provide a path for future growth and expansion of my facilities? With all of the advances in technology there has to be a solution...
Niagara is a proven, cost effective solution. A software platform designed from the ground up to be both vendor and protocol neutral. A software solution that will make all of your systems into a unified, easy to navigate web site. With full access to real time data and alarms.